A beautiful and sustainable newborn giftpack.

Includes our natural rubber pacifier round & orthodontic in size Small and our natural rubber teether.

Our pacifiers and teethers are free from plasticsilicone and harmful chemicals making them the best choice for your baby and the environment.

Dupini pacifiers are made out of one piece, making them extra hygienic because they do not contain any seams where dirt can settle or bacteria can accumulate.

The pacifiers are flexible but firm, the material is soft and therefore pleasant on the skin and mouth of the baby. The shield has ventilation holes that provide extra air circulation to the skin.

Dupini teether (star) is specially designed for little hands.

The design, size and circle in the middle offer an extra nice grip.

All corners are embossed on both sides, this is extra comforting against pain/itching of the gums. The teethers can be cooled down in the refrigerator, which is very soothing for sensitive gums.

You can also choose to add giftwrapping and a personal card to your order to send it directly as a present.

“We don’t believe in more products but in BETTER products”

Classic Newborn set

23,50 Incl. BTW

Dupini round shape pacifier

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